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An island apart from an island, Vieques is the ‘Little Sister’ of nearby Puerto Rico. A tiny Caribbean island that’s sparsely populated, unspoiled and undeveloped. Vieques is a rare treasure to find these days when so many other islands are sprouting mega hotels. Vieques was recently named “Best Island in the Caribbean” by a popular travel magazine, but we will let you decide that for yourself! Get out and go! See Vieques and enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, horseback riding and dozens of cultural and historic locales… Or imagine yourself relaxing on a remote beach, doing nothing at all!VIEQUES PUERTO RICO



Vieques abounds with things to do- take a stroll on the quiet beachfront boardwalk in Esperanza, ride a bike to a nearby beach… or you might take a cool drink and a good book to our gardens and enjoy a tropical afternoon. For those looking to explore the island, Vieques has many opportunities. We’ve put a list of local resources here to help you plan your trip to Vieques:

Caused by micro-organisms and chemistry, the experience of seeing the mystifying, glowing waters can only be called magical. The World’s best, most well-preserved Bioluminescent bay is here in Vieques. It is not to be missed!
The endless Vieques coasts have entire worlds below the waves. You can find gorgeous, world-class coral reefs all around the island. Go snorkeling along the shores, or plan a Scuba trip and take a boat dive.
With so many gorgeous and easily-accessible beaches, the trouble is choosing which ones to visit! Take a rental vehicle to the most distant, and go beach hopping, or let a local point out their personal favorites. Walk to Sun Bay or rent a bike to access the nearby beaches.
You will see plenty of horses, wild and kept, during your stay on Vieques. Why not ride one? Tour throughout Vieques and across long beaches on horseback.
You can find history all around Vieques; a late Spanish Fort in our capital Isabel Segunda, now a museum, tour Navy relics, explore plantation ruins and see ancient Taino villages. There is a rich history to the island that you can uncover.
‘Fine dining’ might mean localy caught lobsters and fish under candle light or eating finger foods along the beach. Vieques has an up-and-coming restaurant scene with food by creative gourmet chefs and authentic Caribbean cooks. It is to your taste where you dine in Vieques.
Get appareled like an islander at a small number of casual-elegant boutiques*. Update your beachwear or get outfitted for your aquatic adventures at small shops. Pick up local handworks (the best souvenirs) at boardwalk kiosks. All this, along the Esperanza Malecón!
*And of course there is the Malecon House boutique where Marsha brings clothin styles from St. Barths and Europe and carefully chosen jewelry and light weight clothing from all over the world to Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Information Courtesy of The Vieques Guide

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