Fashion Photo Shoot in Vieques

Malecon House was the location of a super chic fashion shoot in the Fall of 2013.

vieques island fashion shoot

Fashion shoot in Chic South Magazine, Winter 2013

The fashion feature was published in the Winter 2013 Issue 19 of Chic South Magazine, a publication of Puerto Rico that celebrates the good life in a chic and happening way. This magazine often features the top in fashion, nightlife and luxury of the Caribbean.

You might ask “How did Chic South Magazine choose Vieques and Malecon House?” Karen, the editor of Chic South Magazine, was attending a function at The W resort here in Vieques. She and her husband took a tour of Vieques and drove past Malecon House and then did a u-turn into our drive. Our gardens and the chic look of  Malecon House was the sort of shooting location they are always on the lookout for. The fact that we are an Inn and that Malecon House Boutique had exciting clothing and accessory lines made it even more interesting for Chic South Magazine to feature Malecon House in the next edition. They are always looking for new and exciting places to tell their readers to visit and where to shop to find the must have pieces.
It was arranged that they would return a month later to photograph for the 2013 winter edition. A team of seven including one model, makeup artist/hairdresser, photographer and stylist stayed at the hotel. Chic South decided to feature jewelry and accessories by a Puerto Rican artist which they brought over from Isla Grande (the main island of Puerto Rico). The stylist then selected clothing from our in house boutique (Malecon House). Lines chosen were Joyous and Free, Love Stitch, Kuda Laut and Adore.

Early morning lighting was perfect and later the sunlight co-operated. Gino, the photographer took some room and ground shots later for us, many of which we feature on our website. Now sit back and imagine yourself in our pool, lounging in the gardens and wearing chic island clothing that makes you one of a kind and super chic!

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